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The Next Generation in Laser Tattoo and Age Spot Removal

Whether you’ve outgrown your tattoo or just want to make room for better art, TattX™ is simply the most advanced solution to removing unwanted tattoos on the market. While other laser systems often require ten or more treatments, the TattX technology rovides gentle and complete removal in a fraction of the treatments. Until now, laser tattoo removal has been very painful and ineffective, often causing scarring, “ghost” tattoos and other side effects for patients while rarely removing all ink colors. The TattX technology causes no blistering, bleeding or scarring and has been proven to remove all ink colors on any skin type, including large and complex tattoo designs, with very little pain.

The Doctors

Headed by Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is one of the premier plastic surgery centers in Southern California. "We are very excited to be the FIRST TattX™ provider in Southern California," said Dr. Danielpour. "We have been looking at the tattoo and pigmentation removal industry for some time, but until TattX™, we were not satisfied with the technology and processes available,TattX™ gives us the opportunity to provide our patients with a truly effective and complete tattoo and sun/age spot removal process that is much less painful than the current technology.

The Result

Results with the recently FDA-approved three wavelength-in-one TattooStar Effect used in the TattX™ process, have been substantial across Europe, and is now available here in the U.S.! Unlike other lasers that are painful and leave scarred, blistered skin, and pigment lightened skin, TattX™ will remove your tattoos completely, gently, regardless of your skin type or color.


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